Rack for Chest for 2x5 Pfizer
  • Rack for Chest for 2x5 Pfizer

Rack for Chest for 2x5 Pfizer


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Rack for Chest for 2x5 Pfizer 

For storage of the vaccines and in any chest freezer model which is more than 510mm deep.

Made in anodized aluminium to keep the weight down. The rack is laser welded together which makes it strong and rigid. It has three bars/handgrips at the top to safely carry it in/out of the freezer.

Dimensions: HxDxW 500x242x242mm  

(The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are supplied from the factory in a stack of 5 boxes each holding 195 vaccine vials. The stack of boxes which have a footprint of 232x232mm have an odd size for storing in ULT freezers.)