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  •   NEXT GENERATION KITY pro izolaci nuklových kyselin od firmy BioECHO-nová technologie- významně méně kroků ve srovnání s protokoly "bind–wash–elute" (o 50-70% méně kroků) a tím drasticky zkrácený čas potřebný k izolaci (2-5xrychlejší, v závislosti na aplikaci)

Multiple BioBank cDNAs

Human BioBank cDNA for real-time - PCRBioBank generic pooled cDNA Zobraziť väčšie



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A high quality source of cDNA validated for use in real-time PCR experiments.

The ideal positive control for your experiment

Unique product features

  • High quality cDNA
  • Validated for use in Real time PCR
  • Free from PCR inhibitors
  • Guaranteed signal
  • Reverse transcribed using optimal oligo-dT / random nonamer blend

The BioBank is a high quality source of cDNA validated for use in real-time PCR experiments. The cDNA is reverse transcribed from high quality, DNAse treated RNA, from a variety of tissues and cell cultures, using an optimised blend of oligo-dT and random nonamer primers. BioBank cDNA is therefore free of genomic DNA and PCR inhibitors and covers the widest possible range of RNA and mRNA transcripts in the specified tissue or cell line. Biobank cDNA is useful for expression profiling of newly identified genes, and also as a positive control for real-time PCR.

Positive control Primers
Positive control primer/probe are supplied with the kits which detect 18S ribosomal RNA. The 18S control primers are especially formulated to work under all recommended real-time PCR cycling conditions. i.e. Taqman cycling, PerfectProbe cycling, and SYBR green cycling conditions will all work perfectly with the kit.

The positive control primers will give a cycle threshold value of approximately CT=12 depending on the detection chemistry and the particular hardware settings in use.