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    Vegan Control™ OneStep

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    The population number of vegetarians and people following the vegan lifestyle increase from year to year. This may be due to ethical, religious, cultural or health reasons. How do you ensure that your vegan sausage has really been processed without meat and animal derived products?

    We offer a quick and inexpensive solution. The solution is Vegan Control™ OneStep, a qPCR based System for the detection of animal traces in food.

    Type of PCR

    Taqman® Assay based on FAM and HEX labeled probes.

    Recommended Use / Scope

    Can be used in research and industry for detection of meat/animal based contamination of vegan foods. For research use only! Do not use for clinical diagnostic or testing of patient samples. 

    Package Sizes

    Cat. Nr. 12-05-025    25 Tests
    Cat. Nr. 12-05-100    100 Tests 

    Result Evaluation

    cycler based, real-time PCR


    Down to 0.05% of genomic meat target DNA in a vegan food type background.


    Primer sets, nucleotides, internal amplification control and polymerase at optimized concentrations lyophilized in one tube, rehydration buffer, lyophilized positive control, PCR grade water.

    Sample Requirements

    Isolated total DNA from potentially contaminated vegan food serves as starting material. DNA can be extracted from sample material using DNA extraktion kits e.g. ExtractNow™ Vegan Control (Cat. No. 607-1050) or user method.

    Required Consumables

    1.5 ml reaction tubes, PCR reaction tubes, sterile filter tips

    Required Lab Devices

    qPCR cycler with FAM™ and HEX™ filter, variable microliter pipettes, benchtop centrifuge

    Time to result

    approx. 150 minutes

    Shelf Life and Storage

    Components can be stored at +2 to +8 °C for at least 12 months. After rehydratisation the reagents must be stored at -18 °C.