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RNAstable® LD 2ml

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Stabilize and store RNA at Ambient Temperatures
  • Preserves RNA at ambient temperatures without degradation
  • Eliminates the need to store RNA in freezers or to ship on dry ice
  • Concentrates RNA more effectively than other methods
  • Compatible with most downstream applications
  • RNAstable® and RNAstable® LD allows you to preserve and ship your total RNA, mRNA, and miRNA for up to 12 years at ambient temperatures*. They provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to freezer crawl and lab space management. Moreover, they elimnate sample loss due to freeze/thaw cycles. When you are ready to use your RNA samples, you can fully recover them in minutes without any additional purification steps.

    RNAstable is available in two convenient formats:

    • RNAstable: provided pre-dried in 1.5 ml microfuge tubes and 96-well plates to which hydrated RNA can be added.
    • RNAstable LD: a liquid reagent which can be added directly to RNA samples in your own tubes, multi-well plates, or other containers.
    RNAstable and RNAstable LD Workflow*Based on accelerated aging studies
  • Product Specifications:

    Product formats:
    • Pre-dried in 1.5 ml microfuge tubes and 96-well plates (RNAstable)
    • Liquid aliquots of 2 ml and 10 ml (RNAstable LD)
    Application volume: 100µl
    Application amount: 0.01 to 100µg
    Drying time: Overnight (laminar flow hood); 0.5 to 1.5 hours with vacuum concentrator system (speedVac®)
    Recovery volume: 10 to 100µl
    Recovery: ~99.9%
    RNA storage at room temperature: 12 years accelerated aging; 3.5 years "real time"

Application notes for download:

RNA Stabilization at Room Temperature in RNAstable®
Improved QPCR Analysis Following Storage in RNAstable®
miRNA Sequencing with RNAstable® and SeqMatic miRNA kit
Microarray Analysis of RNA in RNAstable®
microRNA (miRNA) Stabilization in RNAstable®
Stabilization of poly(A) mRNA transcripts in RNAstable®
Stabilization of large volume RNA samples dried in 96-well deep well plates with RNAstable® LD

Articles available for download:

Summary of research evaluations of RNA preservation in RNAstable® versus cold storage (at -80°C)
BioTechniques - June 2010 - Stabilizing RNA at room temperature in RNAstable®
BioTechniques - August 2009 - Assessing a novel room-temperature RNA storage medium for compatibility in microarray gene expression analysis