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    Mycoplasma-Off® Wipes (5x50)

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    Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are the simple solution for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of laboratory surfaces at the same time. There’s no need for multiple products when you have the convenience of a simple-to-use wipe. When you use a sponge or even paper towel, you can spread bacteria from one surface to another. Instead of killing germs, you are pushing them around and potentially increasing the contaminated surface area.


    Broad Applicability

    Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes can be used on hard, nonporous surfaces in every room of the lab including safety cabinets, pipettes, cell storage boxes, lab equipment exterior (like liquid nitrogen containers), incubator interior, and many more.

    No toxicity

    Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are made with a bleach-free formula leaving a light, clean scent every time you wipe off a surface. Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are soaked with an alcohol-based, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic disinfection solution. They can be used as a routine contamination control program or for known or suspected mycoplasma challenges.

    Broad inactivation range

    Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes kill mycoplasma within seconds. Wipes are also effective against common bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, BVD-, Polio, Adeno-, Polyoma SV40- and MNV (Noro)- and vaccinia viridae.

    Easy to use

    It’s simple. Wipe surface clean with Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes. Let it air-dry.

    Recommended Use / Scope

    Applicable in research and industry, only. Not recommended for clinical applications. Use as directed. Always test a small area first for stability and coloration. Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes should not be used on alcohol sensitive surfaces like acrylic and fiberglass.

    Kit Components

    Single use wipes in a product safety sachet.

    Package Sizes
    • Cat. No. 15-1001 50 wipes in a dispenser box
      Cat. No. 15-5001 5 x 50 refill sachets
    Required Consumables


    Required lab devices


    Shelf Life and Storage

    Stable at room temperature for at least 12 months.