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Mynox®Gold Mycoplasma Elimination 2 v 1 - double Strenght (2 aplikace)

Mynox®Gold Mycoplasma Elimination, 2 v 1 - double Strenght, (2 aplikace) Zobrazit větší


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Mynox® Gold represents the further development of the classical Mynox®. Mynox® Gold is a combination of a standard antibiotic and the biological Mynox® reagent. One application comprises of a starter treatment that eliminates most of the mycoplasma particles without harming the cells. The main treatment kills all remaining mycoplasma.


No cytotoxicity – cytotoxicity is basically not detectable for most cell types. Most cell lines do not show any changes in morphology during treatment.

Low resistance risk – due to the combination of an antibiotic and a reagent showing a biophysical mode of action directly eliminating the mycoplasma, formation of resistances against Mynox® Gold is most unlikely.

Highly effective – the ratio for a permanent eradication is close to 100 %.

Recommended Use / Scope

Mynox® Gold is intended for research use only. Not applicable for clinical treatment. Not applicable for the direct treatment of enveloped viruses or cells harboring Chlamydia or other bacteria as host systems. The antibiotic portion of the product might affect the integrated microorganisms.

Kit Components

1 application of Mynox® Gold contains 1 vial for the starter treatment and 3 vials for the main treatment. Each vial contains 500 µl as a sterile, ready-to-use solution.

Package Sizes

1 application can be used to cure one cell culture permanently from mycoplasma burden.

  • Cat. No. 10-0201 2 applications
    Cat. No. 10-0501 5 applications
    Cat. No. 10-1001 10 applications
Result Evaluation

Elimination success should be verified with a suitable mycoplasma detection system, e.g. Minerva Biolabs’s Venor®GeM Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits.

Required Consumables

6-well tissue culture plate or small tissue culture petri dish (6 mm Ø)

Regular cell culture plastics

Required Lab Devices

Regular cell culture equipment (incubator, centrifuge, pipettes, etc.)

Shelf Life and Storage

Kit components are maintainable at +2 to +8 °C for at least 6 months.

Fig. Cytotoxicity of Mynox® Gold on contaminated cells. Adherent cell lines (Vero, ML/S MDBK and RK13) were treated with Mynox®Gold according to the protocol 4 days of incubation. The cultures were inactivated and stained as described by Flick & Gifford. Untreated cultures had been used as reference (100 %).