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  • FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit -The accurate quantification of next-generation sequencing (NGS) Illumina® Libraries is very important for maximizing data output and quality on every sequencing run. The FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit contains all reagents for an accurate and reproducible qPCR-based quantification of  Illumina® Libraries: The Kit comes with specific primers, qPCR Master Mix and DNA Standards.
  • PCRBIO HS VeriFi™ Polymerase - is a versatile and robust proofreading enzyme with AptaLock™ hot start technology for highly precise PCR. Improved DNA binding and increased processivity give significant improvements in speed, yield and sensitivity while also increasing PCR success rates of long and challenging templates.

  • PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase - 100x higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase. Robust high fidelity enzyme engineered for all PCR applications where greater sequence accuracy is required, such as cloning, site-directed mutagenesis and sequencing

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    •   NEXT GENERATION KITY pro izolaci nuklových kyselin od firmy BioECHO-nová technologie- významně méně kroků ve srovnání s protokoly "bind–wash–elute" (o 50-70% méně kroků) a tím drasticky zkrácený čas potřebný k izolaci (2-5xrychlejší, v závislosti na aplikaci)

    HyAgarose™ LE Agarose Multi-purpose

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    HyAgarose™ LE Agarose is a low EEO, multi-purpose, standard melting point agarose that yields high resolution sharp DNA bands with high clarity and low background. Its optimized gel strenghth enhances ease of gel processing and handling.  Manufactured using innovative organic solvent free manufacturing  process that is greener and more environment friendly. 


    Ideal for routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis and blotting.


    Product              HyAgarose™ LE Agarose, Multi-purpose

    CAS                    9012-36-6 

    Appearance        White to off-white powder

    EEO                     ≤ 0.13

    Gelling Point      36°C±1.5°C (1.5% gel)

    Melting Point      88°C±1.5°C (1.5% gel) 

    Solubility           Clear colorless solution at 1g in 100ml water 

    Moisture            ≤ 10% 

    Gel Strength      ≥ 1200 g/cm2 (1% Gel) 

    Sulfate               ≤ 0.15% 

    Ash                    ≤ 0.5% 

    Impurities          (DNase, RNase, Protease, and Endonuclease) None Detected

    Lot specific Certificate of Analysis available upon request.

     Use HyAgaroseTM Selection Guide  to choose the right Green Agarose Product for your application