• FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit -The accurate quantification of next-generation sequencing (NGS) Illumina® Libraries is very important for maximizing data output and quality on every sequencing run. The FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit contains all reagents for an accurate and reproducible qPCR-based quantification of  Illumina® Libraries: The Kit comes with specific primers, qPCR Master Mix and DNA Standards.
  • PCRBIO HS VeriFi™ Polymerase - is a versatile and robust proofreading enzyme with AptaLock™ hot start technology for highly precise PCR. Improved DNA binding and increased processivity give significant improvements in speed, yield and sensitivity while also increasing PCR success rates of long and challenging templates.

  • PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase - 100x higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase. Robust high fidelity enzyme engineered for all PCR applications where greater sequence accuracy is required, such as cloning, site-directed mutagenesis and sequencing

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    •   NEXT GENERATION KITY pro izolaci nuklových kyselin od firmy BioECHO-nová technologie- významně méně kroků ve srovnání s protokoly "bind–wash–elute" (o 50-70% méně kroků) a tím drasticky zkrácený čas potřebný k izolaci (2-5xrychlejší, v závislosti na aplikaci)

    PCRBIO VeriFi Mix

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    • 100x higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase
    • Increased PCR success rates with complex genomic templates 17.5kb and over
    • Efficient, specific amplification from challenging templates including GC and AT rich sequences
    • High yields under standard and fast PCR conditions (10-30s/kb)
    • High temperature cycling for reduced GC bias
    • Available as a red mix for direct loading onto agarose gels

    PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase is a versatile and robust high fidelity enzyme engineered for all PCR applications where greater sequence accuracy is required, such as cloning, site-directed mutagenesis and sequencing.

    The enzyme is derived from Pfu DNA polymerase for its 3’-5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity, and is engineered with proprietary mutations that improve DNA binding and increase processivity when compared with its native form. This results in shorter extension times (10-30 seconds per kb), higher yields and the ability to amplify longer and more difficult targets. PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase is able to amplify eukaryotic genomic templates in excess of 17.5kb, and longer for simpler DNA templates.

    PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase is provided with an advanced buffer system including dNTPs, Mg and enhancers, enabling high fidelity PCR of a wide range of targets and fragment sizes with minimal or no optimisation required. The enzyme is also available as a convenient 2x ready mix with the option of a red dye for direct gel loading, saving time during reaction setup and analysis. PCR products generated with this range of products are blunt ended.

    PCRBIO VeriFi -varianty:

    PB10.42-01  PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase,100 Units [1 x 0.05mL 2u/µL] & [1 x 1.7mL buffer]

    PB10.42-05  PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase, 500 Units [1 x 0.250mL 2u/µL] & [3 x 1.7mL buffer]

    PB10.43-01 PCRBIO VeriFi Mix 100 x 50µL Reactions 2 x 1.25mL

    PB10.43-05 PCRBIO VeriFi Mix 500 x 50µL Reactions 2 x (5 x 1.25mL)

    PB10.44-01 PCRBIO VeriFi Mix Red 100 x 50µL Reactions 2 x 1.25mL

    PB10.44-05  PCRBIO VeriFi Mix Red500 x 50µL Reactions 2 x (5 x 1.25mL)