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  • FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit -The accurate quantification of next-generation sequencing (NGS) Illumina® Libraries is very important for maximizing data output and quality on every sequencing run. The FastGene® NGS-Library Quantification Kit contains all reagents for an accurate and reproducible qPCR-based quantification of  Illumina® Libraries: The Kit comes with specific primers, qPCR Master Mix and DNA Standards.
  • PCRBIO HS VeriFi™ Polymerase - is a versatile and robust proofreading enzyme with AptaLock™ hot start technology for highly precise PCR. Improved DNA binding and increased processivity give significant improvements in speed, yield and sensitivity while also increasing PCR success rates of long and challenging templates.

  • PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase - 100x higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase. Robust high fidelity enzyme engineered for all PCR applications where greater sequence accuracy is required, such as cloning, site-directed mutagenesis and sequencing

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    •   NEXT GENERATION KITY pro izolaci nuklových kyselin od firmy BioECHO-nová technologie- významně méně kroků ve srovnání s protokoly "bind–wash–elute" (o 50-70% méně kroků) a tím drasticky zkrácený čas potřebný k izolaci (2-5xrychlejší, v závislosti na aplikaci)

    Primer only geNorm12 gene kit for use with SYBR green

    Primer only geNorm 12 gene kit for use with SYBR green Zobrazit větší



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    For accurate gene quantification, it is essential to normalise real-time PCR data to a fixed reference; one that is not affected by your experimental conditions. There is increasing evidence that normalising to a single, randomly selected reference (house-keeping) gene e.g. Actin Beta, introduces large and variable errors into the analysis. geNorm is a system for selecting the best candidate reference gene for a given experimental scenario. To perform geNorm analysis the user measures the expression of 6 or 12 reference (house-keeping) genes in a representative set of their own samples. The geNorm software provided with the kit ranks the reference (house-keeping) genes in order of stability of expression. The output graphs and report simply identify the best reference (house-keeping) genes for that particular experiment.

    Each kit inlcudes 2 months free access (download instructions and activation code) to the geNorm analysis tool in qbase+, the world's leading real-time PCR data analysis software from Biogazelle.

    Kit contents
    Sufficient for 10 geNorm analyses: Lyophilised primers (and probe) for 6 or 12 reference (house-keeping) genes (200rxns each), RNAse/DNAse free water, access to the latest geNorm software in qbase+, 50% off discount code* for future reference (house-keeping) gene assay orders.

    How to download and install qBase+

    Kits are available for immediate delivery for human, mouse, rat, arabidopsis, c.elegans, xenopus topicalis, xenopus laevis, red fire ant, cucumber, tobacco, sheep, pig, cow and Zebra fish.  If you require a geNorm kit for another species please enquire.


    Xenopus laevis geNorm kit gene list


    Xenopus laevis eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1 (eef1a1), mRNA 
    Xenopus laevis ornithine decarboxylase 1 (odc1), mRNA 
    Xenopus laevis glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (gapdh), mRNA 
    Xenopus laevis actin, beta (actb), mRNA. 
    Xenopus laevis succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit A, flavoprotein (Fp) (sdha), nuclear gene encoding mitochondrial protein, mRNA 
    Xenopus laevis ribosomal protein L13 (rpl13), mRNA